Weis Rewards. Shop. Earn. Redeem.

Turn your groceries into rewards with Weis Rewards Points

At Weis Markets we are committed to offering the greatest amount of savings to our customers. Through our Weis Rewards program, we are able to offer more ways to turn your groceries into savings at the register or at the pump. For more information please contact your local Weis Markets to learn more about our rewards program. 

1. Earn 1 Weis Rewards Point for every $1 spent in qualifying purchases.
2. Earn 100 Weis Rewards Points for every qualifying prescription*.
*Where available. Excludes any state or federally funded purchases. Not valid in New Jersey or New York.
3. Earn 2x Weis Rewards Points for every $100 spent on qualifying gift cards.*
*Some exclusions apply.

Purchase Restrictions: Weis Rewards Points cannot be earned on postage stamps, money orders, milk, cream, lottery tickets, cigarettes, tobacco products, Weis gift cards, alcoholic beverages, gasoline, prescriptions, phone and utility payments, Western Union, and where prohibited by law.

 Weis Gas'N'Go    

Click here for more details on how to redeem for Gas Rewards.


Grocery Rewards- Redeem Weis Rewards Points for discounts on select grocery items. Click here for ways to redeem. See store for details. Items subject to change without notice.

No, there is no limit on the number of Weis Rewards Points you can earn.

Each time you make a qualifying purchase, we will keep track of your points. All of your points will be printed on the bottom of your receipt. You can check them online by logging in to your MyWeis Account.

Weis Rewards Points can be earned at all Weis locations. Contact your local Weis for more details.

All of your Preferred Shoppers Club Cards are linked together by household so each member can have their own card and still earn Weis Rewards Points as a household. This also applies to redemptions; any one of the card holders can redeem all of the accumulated Weis Rewards Points.

Yes. Your total amount of Weis Rewards Points and the end date of the promotion are located on the bottom of your receipt. It is your responsibility to be aware of the date in which the redemption period ends. If you are unable to redeem all of your points by the end of the redemption period, your account will be reset and any unused Weis Rewards Points will be lost.

PLUS, earn bonus points on qualifying gift cards!