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Find out what teachers, students and parents are saying about Weis Mystery Tours™.

Parent Reviews

I was one of the chaperones on the Weis Mystery Tour for Dalmatia Elementary last Friday. It was a wonderful field trip, and our lead detective Holly was terrific. Thank you for providing this field trip. It is a wonderful thing for the kids to learn. Thank you again!

Amy, Parent & PTO President, Sunbury, PA

The ladies who conducted the tour made it very enjoyable. They put a great deal of effort and energy into making it a great experience for the students. The students stayed interested throughout the tour and finished with a huge CHEER! The best part was the way that the students interacted on the tour. The program and the program leaders really brought them together and made the Food Pyramid an exciting subject. It was a wonderful experience and we really appreciate the opportunity to learn with Weis!

Samantha, homeschool mom, Altoona, PA

I wanted to tell you what an absolutely wonderful time my girls had with the staff at Weis. The program is very well thought out, educational and creative. I can’t say enough about how much my girls loved this event. I want to thank you once again for offering this program to our children. It is such important information for them to have and we can’t teach them enough about eating right and staying healthy. It’s great to see Weis is on board with teaching kids about nutrition and echoing what they learn in school. Kudos for a job well done!

April, Girl Scout Leader and parent, Harrisburg, PA

The overall experience was great. It all fit together so nicely that it is hard to list the best part. I thought the theme was great and liked the opportunity to learn about a station then have the “hands-on” opportunity to find the products we discussed and evaluate their nutritional value. The stations were well done; very inviting, professional presentations with products the girls could relate to. Thank you for making this available for our group.

Susan, Girl Scout Leader and parent, Endwell, NY

“The entire event was a hit. Our girls had an awesome time and the parents who stayed to watch enjoyed it as well. The girls were engaged and paying attention the entire time and I think that’s because the stations were educational while allowing them to move around a bit looking for clues. The girls liked sampling the foods, of course, and they enjoyed the props a lot”.

Denise, Brownie troop parent volunteer, Westminster, MD

The tour leaders were wonderful! They spoke with energy, knew the material they were to present, and made the tour understandable and fun for the students. They kept the children involved, even drawing in the more shy ones, so that everyone had opportunities to participate. The lessons about nutrition were practical for children, using grocery items that they enjoy eating. The pre-tour activities helped to prepare the students for what the tour would be about. Great time for kids and chaperones!

Donna, Homeschool Teacher & Mom, Macungie, PA

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Trip Reviews

Trip Reviews Find out what teachers, students and parents are saying about Weis Mystery Tours™.

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