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Find out what teachers, students and parents are saying about Weis Mystery Tours™.

Student Reviews

“Thank you for letting us help with the mission of N.R. Getic George. I also want to thank you for all the snacks and goody bag that you gave us…. The best part of the mission was when we got to solve the mystery of N.R. Getic George.”

-Detective Audrey

“Thank you for teaching us so much about the food groups. You are very nice! I wonder if N.R. Getic George is real. I loved the taste testing. That was the first time I ate kiwi. Yum! I had a fun time.”

-Detective JC

“Thank you for everything I had so much fun. I wish I could come back. I enjoyed trying to find food and I learned if you eat good foods you are energetic. I loved the goody bags.”

-Detective Chase

“I enjoyed you teaching us about those sugars and those things. I liked when you taught us about what foods are and aren’t good for you. I liked when you taught us how many bottles of water are equal to 6 cups of water. I enjoyed you giving us all of those prizes. Weis Market was a very very cool field trip.”

-Detective Colton

“I enjoyed all we did. Like when we did the challenges we did like when we had to find fruits and vegetables in different colors. I like all the stuff in the bag that we got. I never knew all the stuff we learned. It was one of my favorite field trips ever.”

-Detective Kyle

“I had a fun time with you at Weis Markets. I got to learn about things that I didn’t even know about. My mom didn’t even know half of the things I learned about. The fruits and vegetables looked so good. I just wanted to eat them right up. I didn’t know all the different things to help your body. The grains! I didn’t know what wheat looked like before it was harvested. I liked that little challenge where we only had to pick the cereal with whole wheat, corn and oats…. I really had fun. I got to solve a mystery. Something I would never ever think of doing.”

-Detective Jenna

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Trip Reviews

Trip Reviews Find out what teachers, students and parents are saying about Weis Mystery Tours™.

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