mystery4The manila envelope that appeared on Principal Stephanie Ferree’s desk was a bit tattered, but the message inside was crystal clear: The Case of the Missing Energy. The Dallastown Elementary principal knew just what to do and promptly moved to action. She called on her third grade students to board the school bus as quickly and quietly as they could, and off they went to Cape Horn Weis Markets to solve this mystery. These elementary sleuths were going to improve the eating habits of N.R. Getic George by utilizing the food pyramid they learned about recently. It was time for The Weis Markets Great Mystery Grocery Tour! Sponsored by Pennsylvania Blue Cross, this activity sent the young sleuths storewide to explore healthy food choices under the guidance of Weis Markets mystery detectives. The children searched for clues throughout the dairy chillers, the fish and meat counters, produce and whole grains displays, reading nutrition labels and measuring sugar content to determine healthy options for eating and snacking… and to find N.R. Getic George’s energy. Mystery word puzzle books accompanied each activity. It was a helpful reminder of the basic food groups and a fun way of learning about healthy food choices. Upon closing their case—and finding N.R. Getic George’s energy— students were given special gift bags to remind them to make good nutritional choices.