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Yes, you need a MyWeis account that is associated with your Club Card. You will need to log in to your MyWeis account to clip eCoupons to your card. If you do not have a MyWeis account, you can register here.

All you need to do is scan your Club Card at checkout and the eCoupons will automatically be applied.

eCoupons cannot be combined with a printed manufacturers coupon for the same item.

Yes, you can print your eCoupon List from the eCoupon page. Select “print coupons” from the My Clipped Coupons page.

No. Clipped coupons are available for use the moment you clip them.

You can see all the coupons you have saved in the "My Clipped Coupons" tab on the eCoupons page.

Yes, the expiration date is shown on each coupon. Expired coupons will be deleted from your account automatically.

No, there is not a limit for number of clipped coupons.