Gas Rewards

Fill the Cart…Fuel the Car!

How Does It Work? “The more you spend, the more you save!” 

Save $0.10 per gallon for every 100 Weis Reward Points you redeem. Points can be redeemed at:

     Weis Gas'N'Go Any Location
     Sheetz Any Location
     Highs Participating Locations
     Maribito Participating Locations
     other Participating Locations

Effective 12/30/18- Although you can accrue an unlimited amount of Weis Rewards Points, you may only redeem 1,000 points ($1.00 per gallon) at a time. If you have more than 1,000 Weis Reward Points, the remainder will stay on your account for later use. You will not be able to receive cash back with your Weis Rewards Points redemption if you have more than 1,000 points. There is a limit of 20 gallons per transaction when redeeming your Weis Rewards Points. You may only fill up one car per redemption, even if you are purchasing less than the 20 gallon limit.

Effective 12/30/18- There is a maximum discount of $1.00 per gallon.

Effective 12/30/18- When redeeming your Weis Reward Points for Gas Rewards, you must redeem all of your Weis Reward Points (up to 1,000 points). If you have more than 1,000 points, the left over points will be remain on your account until the end of the redemption period.

If your Weis Reward Points are higher than the cost of gas, you will be given the maximum amount of savings available for the current transaction. Your unused Weis Reward Points will remain available on your account until the end of the redemption period.

You can purchase a maximum of 20 gallons when redeeming your Weis Reward Points.

The pump will shut off at 20 gallons and the Weis Reward Points used during that transaction will be subtracted from your account. If you would like to purchase additional gas, you can do so by starting a new transaction.

We have found that average redemption and vehicle tank size make a 20 gallon limit very reasonable for the majority of our customers. We have tested high limits and found that gas was being dispensed in unapproved fuel containers that posed a hazard to the customer, our Gas N’ Go associates, and the environment. We cannot ignore these safety concerns

While any customer with a Preferred Shopper’s Card can redeem Weis Reward Points for Gas Rewards, there are few stores that currently do not have a partnering gas station close by: Delaware 271, 272, 273, 274 – Lewes, Millsboro, Millville, and Rehoboth Beach New York 116 – Elmira, NY New Jersey 143, 145, 147, 230, 234 – Newton, Hackettstown, Franklin, Hillsborough, and Flanders Pennsylvania 231, 233 – Conshohocken and Norristown