gold card

How do I become a Gold Card Customer?

Once a calendar year, Weis will send out Gold Cards to qualifying customers based on their shopping habits the previous 12 months.  In order to qualify as a Gold Preferred Customer, you'll need to spend at least $3,500 annually (about $67 dollars per week) or shop at our store on average twice a week. You can check your progress towards becoming a Gold Card member by logging into your MyWeis account.

What are the benefits to being a Gold Card Customer?

As a Weis Gold Card holder you'll receive valuable personalized coupons and special savings in the mail and through email.  Not signed up for our email newsletter? Sign up for a MyWeis account or edit your subscriptions for additional email rewards and benefits. The Gold Card offers are in addition to our other Weis Club values like Gas Rewards, Grocery Rewards, load-to-card eCoupons and our weekly advertised savings.

Does it cost anything to be a Gold Card Customer?

There is no membership fee. The Gold Card is free to customers who qualify for the program.

How does the Gold Card work?

The Weis Gold Card is a long-term program designed to improve the value of your shopping trip at Weis Markets, and uses the same club card number you've always had, not affecting any other club cards in your household.

Can I give my coupons to other customers?

The offers are good only for the intended Gold Card Shopper and needs to be presented with a Preferred Shoppers card from that household.

Can Weis accept copies of Gold Offers?

The coupon has to be presented in its original form.

I lost my Gold Card, how do I get a new one?

Please call the toll free Gold Card hotline number 855-720-7400.

Can I have a duplicate Gold Card for my household?

At this time there is only one Gold Card sent out per household. However, all current cards from the household will still be accepted.


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