Great Grapes

  • Razzle Red Seedless: grown in California’s San Juaquin Valley. Tastes like candy, except they’re good for you.
  • Dazzle Green Seedless Grapes: grown by fifth-generation farmers in California. High quality with great sugar, which enhances the flavor.
  • Black Seedless Grapes: deep velvety color with a sweet juicy flavor. Packed with antioxidants offering anti-cancer and -inflammation benefits.
  • Concord Grapes: named after the Massachusetts town where they were first grown. Excellent for pies, jams, jellies, and, of course, fresh eating.
  • Muscadine/Scuppernong Grapes: The best grapes you’ve never tasted.  A large variety of muscadine, a species of grape native to the Southern United States. It is usually a greenish or bronze color, seedless and similar in appearance and texture to a white grape. Larger than most grapes with a slightly tart flavor.   
  • Carnival Grapes: a new variety of seedless grape grown by a third-generation family farm in California. Has a sweet taste and crisp texture.
  • Cotton Candy Grapes: a sweet, juicy seedless grape with a hint of vanilla. Tastes like spun sugar, hence the name.
  • Candy Heart Grapes: Cotton Candy’s first cousin. A red grape with a rich flavor and caramel-tasting notes.
  • Candy Dream Grapes: a black seedless grape with a deep, jammy flavor.
  • Champagne Grapes: A deep blue-back grape with a sweet flavor and unique appearance. Often used to garnish salads, desserts, and cheese trays.
  • Sweet Sapphire Grapes: a sweet, seedless black grape originally grown in Australia. Unique tubular shape with green translucent flesh.

In addition to these varieties, we also carry organic red, green, and black seedless grapes and a mixed bag of Razzle Red Seedless and Dazzle Green Seedless grapes.