Before The Tour



Click here to download a PDF of the checklist.


To teach 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students how to make sensible food and activity choices through an interactive field trip.


  • Confirm tour date, time and location with Weis Mystery Tours™ Coordinator at 570-988-3025.
  • Download permission slip for each student to take home and have signed by his/her legal guardian.






  • Bring a camera to take photos of your group (optional).
  • Divide students into their chaperoned groups.
  • Re-read the Case of the Missing Energy storyline to students.
  • Bring a copy of the permission summary form for the tour leader.
  • Be ready to learn and have fun!



  • Have students complete the post-test upon returning to school (optional).
  • Revisit our website and download optional post-tour activities for ongoing reinforcement of tour learnings. Or, give students fun activities to complete at home with their families!
  • Complete the teacher evaluation online.
  • Post tour photos of your class online (optional). Click here for photo upload instructions.

Thank you for making nutrition education a priority in your teaching curriculum. Our Weis Registered Dietitians are excited to work with you to provide engaging nutrition education activities that encourage healthy lifestyle choices!

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