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Fun BadgeEarn this Fun Badge when you attend a Weis Mystery Tourâ„¢ with your 4H club!

Keeping Fit & Healthy Program

Staying Healthy

  • Need to complete 8 Goals for the Staying Healthy portion of the Keeping Fit and Healthy Program
  • Meets 3 Staying Healthy Goals through the tour

1) Recognizing nutrient rich “power foods”
2) Creating and eating healthy snacks
3) Thinking about what you eat in a new way, using “I Cues”

Keeping Fit

  • Need to complete 8 Goals for the Keeping Fit portion of the Keeping Fit and Healthy Program
  • Meets 3 Keeping Fit Goals through the tour and pre-tour materials

1) Monitoring your own eating and hydration habits
2) Recognizing nutrient-rich “power foods
3) Planning personal warm-up routines to help remain injury free

Food, Culture & Reading

Food, Culture & Reading is a nutrition education program targeted to youth in grades four to six. It uses literature to learn about food, nutrition healthy living, and different cultures. Countries featured include the United States, Mexico, Russia, Kenya, Greece and Japan, and each unit is based on a section of the USDA Food Pyramid. Each unit includes a Family Take-home sheet which provides nutritional information, activities and recipes for families to do at home.

Tours and pre-tour materials can reinforce all of these principles in a fun and unique way!

Fantastic Foods

The “Fantastic Food” curriculum series is designed to help youth have fun in the kitchen as they prepare different foods, do fun experiments and go on fact-finding missions. The curriculum is designed around six major categories: healthy food selection, smart food purchasing, food safety and science, food preparation, food preservation and careers and foods around the world.

  • Meets these 3 critera through the tour and pre-tour materials:

1) Healthy Food Selection
2) Fact Finding Mission
3) Smart Food Purchasing

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