Girl Scouts


Fun Badge

Fun BadgeEarn this Fun Badge when you attend a Weis Mystery Tour with your Girl Scout Troop!



Eat Right, Stay Healthy Badge (Grades 2-3)

  • Need to complete 4 out of 5 requirements to receive badge
  • Would meet these 3 requirements through tour:

1) Compare three food labels and decide which food is best for you by using MyPlate and discussing minerals, nutrients, serving size, calories, proteins, sugars and carbohydrates.

2) Make up a grocery list and assist with shopping for those food items. After purchasing foods, help to plan one meal using MyPlate as a guide

3) Sample dairy products to see which you like the best. Discuss substitution options for people allergic to dairy foods. Then create a yogurt dessert using fresh fruit, cereals and nuts.

healthy habitsHealthy Habits Try It Patch (Grades 2-3)

  • Need to complete 4 requirements to receive badge
  • Would meet these 2 requirements through tour:

1) Learn about the importance of handwashing before handling food.

2) Learning about calcium and what foods are good sources of calcium.


food powerFood Power Badge (Grades 4-5)

  • Need to complete 6 of 10 requirements to receive badge.
  • Would meet these 4 requirements through tour:

1) Recap food for week including servings and from which food group the item came from. Compare list with MyPlate and guidelines

2) Create a chart to track three items found on food labels (for example: fat, calories, sugar). Then gather three different brands of the same food to compare these items. What are the differences and similarities?

3) Create a food ad. Come up with a catchy slogan and design for the item you are “selling.”

4) Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt. Identify five nutrients that are important for health (calcium, zinc, vitamin C, protein carbohydrates). Find and identity foods that have the highest percentage (foods with 20% or more of the recommended daily serving) of important nutrients that the body needs.

a healthier youA Healthier You (Grades 4-5)

  • Need to complete 10 requirements to receive badge.
  • Would meet one requirement through tour:

1) Healthy Bones

highway to healthHighway to Health (Grades 4-5)

  • Need to complete 10 requirements to receive badge.
  • Would meet 4 requirements through tour:

1) Healthy Steps
2) Germ Busters
3) Eating on the Run
4) Check Out Healthy

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