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Our team of Weis Dietitians offers fun and interactive virtual cooking and nutrition education services. Whether you are interested in a fun and engaging cook-along class, a personalized nutrition counseling session, or a getting your kids in the kitchen, there is something for everyone.

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These virtual programs are FREE to Weis Rewards card holders (have your club card number handy when registering). Participants from select classes receive an exclusive $5 coupon.


Nutrition Consultations

Our nutrition philosophy is simple: There is no one-size-fits all approach to eating and we are here to provide you with the guidance and tools you need to eat well and feel your best.

Set up an appointment in-person or virtually with one of our Weis Dietitians to discuss your nutrition, health and wellness needs.


Kimberly A

Click here to schedule with Kimberly Varner
Senior Regional Dietitian

New Jersey


Click here to schedule with Lyndi Wieand
Senior Regional
Dietitian - Clinical

Lehigh Valley, PA

Emily Bumgarner

Click here to schedule with Emily Bumgarner
Regional Dietitian

Harrisburg, PA

Christina Pelletier

Click here to schedule with Christina Pelletier
Regional Dietitian

Brunswick, MD


Click here to schedule with Melissa Logan
Regional Dietitian

Selinsgrove, PA





  • “My kids love to cook and create with Weis Virtual Classes! We love that there are different classes for different age groups so both my 6 year old and 3 year old can have their own age appropriate fun!   They really love being creative in the kitchen and Weis Virtual classes takes that to another level while introducing them to new ingredients and fun foods they can make and eat!” – Megan


  • “I have been participating in the adult Weis Dietician Virtual Events for more than one year.  I find these no cost virtual cooking classes, nutrition workshops and personal nutrition coaching are a very valuable service. All of the programs are conducted by Registered Dietitians, highly educated and credentialed food and nutrition experts. The choice of programs offer something for everyone:  from yummy recipes, to cooking tips, to educational sessions and personal nutrition coaching.   My participation in the services has helped inspire me to make small, gradual changes in my nutrition, plus create new delicious meals. I highly recommend these free services to anyone who is interested in expanding your thinking about food and cooking and approaches to evidence based healthful eating.”   – Nancy “


  • My son who had Down Syndrome, really enjoys the cooking sessions.   I've signed him up for both elementary and adult nutrition so far and the time and quality of the zoom sessions has been outstanding.  Adult children with Down Syndrome struggle with meal preparation and so move to fast food because it is easy.  However it is not always nutritious.  We have found that Weis provides a great resource for order and delivery online as well as these classes that make meal prep fun, social and nutritious.  Keep up the good work.” – Jay


  • “I love the live virtual cooking classes. I've learned a lot of new, healthy recipes that I can make at home with my husband and kids. There are lots of swaps you can make to the recipes if you follow a special diet, which is wonderful. It's great to be able to interact and get advice or ask questions that are answered during the live event. These classes are really fun and informative, I highly recommend giving one a try!”  - Erica.