Green Practices:

All of our new stores are designed to conserve energy and water with efficient building designs. As we remodel, renovate, and upgrade our older buildings we seek the opportunity to replace old technology such as plumbing, HVAC, lighting, energy management systems, and refrigeration systems with new specifications that reduce water consumption and energy use.

Natural Resources:

At Weis Markets, it is our intent to provide our associates and customers with products and processes that enable and encourage them to participate in our efforts to preserve our natural resources. This Includes:

  • Providing recycling opportunities that are convenient and effective.
  • Sustainable packaging and increasing our conservation efforts.

Did you know it takes 3 times more material in waste paper to make a pulp carton for a dozen eggs than polystyrene foam? The overall environmental impact of polystyrene vs. pulp paper cartons is only one of the reasons that we decided to package our Weis Quality eggs in polystyrene foam packaging. The supplier of polystyrene foam cartons has received several awards for sustainability and environmental protection including:

  • U.S. EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award
  • Keep America Beautiful National Recycling Award
  • Association of Washington Business Environmental Excellence Award
  • Environmental awards from the States of Texas and Indiana

Food and Agriculture:

Weis Markets promotes partnerships with local businesses and communities to advance sustainable agriculture and to develop initiatives to retain and expand local businesses, we educate our customers on the importance of sustainable and local agriculture practices and provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase fresh and sustainably-produced food and produce from local farmers. We process our own milk and use the excess butterfat to make our Weis Quality Ice Cream – 50 flavors and growing! We are also proud to support local farmers and over 95% of our milk comes from Pennsylvania farms. In Pennsylvania alone, we annually buy more than 24 million pounds of locally grown produce and we also purchase local produce in all of the states where we have stores.

Social Responsibility:

We’re strong believers in giving back to the communities we serve. Each year, our associates and our company make direct and in-kind donations to numerous charities and organizations throughout our market area, including food banks, community-based health care organizations, schools, pet shelters, the United Way and many other local charities. Our annual Fight Hunger program generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in product and direct donations by our customers to local food banks, pantries and emergency food providers. We supplement their giving with a matching corporate donation. Our company also donates to community-based health care organizations throughout our trade area. We continue to support many worthwhile programs including: clinics for the uninsured, mammography programs, women’s cardiac programs, clinics serving women facing high-risk pregnancies and breast cancer awareness programs. We’re proud of our associates who help make our giving possible. Thanks to them, we’re making a difference. For more information on charitable programs, please check out our charitable donations page.