Price Scan Guarantee Policy

At Weis Markets, we guarantee our customers that the price charged at our scanning registers on any item is correct. If the price charged is higher than the shelf tag price, you receive one of the items free up to a limit of $10.00. For an item costing more than $10.00 customer will receive $10.00 off the lowest shelf or advertised price. Customer will be charged the correct price for any additional units of that product in the order.

Charged price includes prices for items that are scanned, price look-up items, or items for which the price is entered manually. Shelf tag price includes any displayed or posted price. Void when prohibited by federal, state or local law.

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Free Item Policy

The Free Item Policy defines a free item as one unit of any prepackaged or “each” item such as a bag of dog food, a box of frozen corn, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, a mop, a 5 pound bag of onions, etc. With respect to “per pound” items where the customer selects the quantity (such as shrimp, deli meats, certain produce), a free item is defined as one pound of the item (with any additional pounds sold at the lowest advertised price ) when the customer buys at least a pound of the product. If a customer buys less than a pounds of a “per pound” item, the free item is whatever quantity the customer selected (customer is not entitled to more of the product to get a free pound).