NEW Weis Pharmacy Website & Mobile App..

Patients will need to register on the website or app the first time they request a refill.


• Refill a prescription.
• Transfer a prescription to our pharmacy.
• Find a pharmacy.
• View your medication profile.*
*The website will allow you to generate a print out for tax purposes for the last 18 months of your prescription history.

• Have a prescription label from a previous prescription and enter your demographic information, select the pharmacy the prescription was filled at, and enter the prescription number.
• The prescription number is in the top right hand corner of the label in a yellow box.
• You will receive a call or text with a pin to complete the registration process.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Weis Pharmacy App


• We will text or call you when your prescription is ready, remind you to pick up your prescription, and remind you to order a prescription if it wasn’t ordered already.
• If you are already signed up for texting we will continue to text you.*
*If you do not receive our text messages, we can easily sign you up in our pharmacy. See your pharmacy associate to sign up.

• Yes, you will receive texts from 717-905-4321.

Sign up today for our online prescription refill program!

For your convenience Weis Pharmacy now offers a convenient way to manage your prescriptions via the web and a Mobile App!

Refill Your Prescription

Phone In Orders:  Convenient refills made even easier from the comfort of your home and a touch-tone phone. Call the number on your prescription bottle you want to refill and follow the simple instructions. It’s just that easy... and it’s FREE!  (Your Weis Pharmacy phone number and your prescription number are both listed on your prescription label). Once you call, an automated attendant will guide you through these easy instructions:

  • Press "1" to place a refill order.
  • Enter the 7-digit prescription number of each prescription you wish to refill, followed by the pound (#) key. (See diagram for location of prescription number.)
  • The Rx number will be repeated back to you, press "1" if correct...otherwise press "3".
  • To refill another prescription press "1", if finished press "3".
  • Once you have entered all the information the system will automatically let you know the time your prescription(s) will be ready for pick-up. - Press "1" if this time is acceptable - Press "0" if this time is unacceptable
  • If you would like to speak to a member of your Weis Pharmacy team during regular business hours, just press "0" after the automated attendant answers.


AutoFill:  When you sign up for AutoFill, your Weis Pharmacy will make managing your prescription refills easier than ever...and it’s FREE! We’ll call you automatically when your prescription is ready to be picked up. Speak to a pharmacist today to enroll.

Prescription Bottle

TO ORDER FROM A NON-TOUCH-TONE (ROTARY) PHONE: Call your Weis Pharmacy during regular business hours and wait a moment after the automated attendant greets you. Then simply remain on the line and one of our courteous pharmacy associates will assist you.

* Listed on your prescription label are the number of refills authorized by your doctor. If your order goes beyond this limit, we'll call your doctor and, if authorized, refill your prescription. However, this may delay the completion of your order.