Upromise is a free service that’s helping make college more affordable to millions of families. How? Upromise helps members get money for college on the stuff they buy everyday, including thousands of participating grocery items you’ll find right here at Weis. Join Upromise for FREE at upromise.com/weis/. Register your Weis Preferred Shoppers Club Card number when prompted while enrolling in Upromise. If you’re already a Upromise member go to www.upromise.com/weis and click the "Register your cards now" link. If you don’t have a Weis Preferred Shoppers Club Card, visit your local Weis store or get one online. Present your registered Weis Preferred Shoppers Club Card to the cashier at checkout and your savings will automatically be added to your Upromise account.

You can get money for college on thousands of items.

Thousands of grocery items from leading brands give money back for college.

Grocery Coupons

Start every grocery shopping trip with a visit to Upromise and download eCoupons directly to your Weis Club Card that earn cash back for college. Click here to view coupons: ecoupons.upromise.com

Groceries and so much more.

As a Upromise member, you can get money for college on your everyday spending-when you fill your tank, shop online, book travel, eat out, you name it. Just look at some of the other ways you can get Upromise college savings:

  • 550+ leading online retailers like Lands’ End, Circuit City® and gap.com, and travel partners like Southwest Airlines Vacations®. You can get 1%-25% savings when you start shopping at Upromise.
  • 40,000 retail stores and service locations like Bed Bath & Beyond®, Eddie Bauer®, GNC®, Avis®, Exxon and Mobil
  • 8,000 participating restaurants, where you can get up to 8% savings

So give your college savings a boost. Join Upromise and register your Weis Preferred Shoppers Club Card today!