Weis Quality Premium Deli Meats

Hand trimmed, made from fresh whole cuts of meat, slowly marinated, and slowly roasted to enhance natural flavors, produced by a local 3rd generation family of meat craftsmen.

• Black Forest Ham  • Meat Bologna  • Beef Bologna  • Corned Beef   • Honey Smoked Ham
• Honey Maple Turkey Breast   • Low Sodium Turkey   • Smoked Mesquite Honey Turkey Breast
• Oven Roasted Chicken   • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast   • Thanksgiving Turkey Breast 
• Smoked Turkey Breast   • Liverwurst   • Imported Style Ham   • Olive Loaf   • Pastrami 
• Pepper Ham   • P&P Loaf  • Roast Beef  • Tavern Ham  • Virginia Ham 


Quick Stop Meal Solutions
The Weis Deli is the one stop for a quick meal solution for you and your family! Great meal solutions are available prepackaged in our grab n go case, or service locations. Each store has a unique selection on their Meals to Go menu, give your favorite store a call this evening and have dinner ready in a snap!


Choose from a wide selection including:
Breaded Chicken Cutlet • Meatloaf • Pizza • Rotisserie Chicken • Fried Chicken• Hoagies • Entree salads & so much more!


Weis 2 Go

Weis 2 Go selections including:
Chicken Sandwiches • Fish Sandwiches • Popcorn Chicken Cups • Deli Salads & Desserts • Pre-Sliced Meats & Cheeses


Homestyle Turkey or Ham Dinners

Holiday Homestyle Turkey or Ham Dinners
Make your holiday meal simple and try our Homestyle Turkey or Ham Dinners for your next holiday gathering! Learn more here.