Weis Quality Premium Deli Meats

Hand trimmed, made from fresh whole cuts of meat, slowly marinated, and slowly roasted to enhance natural flavors, produced by a local 3rd generation family of meat craftsmen.

• Black Forest Ham  • Meat Bologna  • Beef Bologna  • Corned Beef   • Honey Smoked Ham
• Honey Maple Turkey Breast   • Low Sodium Turkey   • Smoked Mesquite Honey Turkey Breast
• Oven Roasted Chicken   • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast   • Thanksgiving Turkey Breast 
• Smoked Turkey Breast   • Liverwurst   • Imported Style Ham   • Olive Loaf   • Pastrami 
• Pepper Ham   • P&P Loaf  • Roast Beef  • Tavern Ham  • Virginia Ham 


Quick Stop Meal Solutions
The Weis Deli is the one stop for a quick meal solution for you and your family! Great meal solutions are available prepackaged in our grab n go case, or service locations. Each store has a unique selection on their Meals to Go menu, give your favorite store a call this evening and have dinner ready in a snap!


Choose from a wide selection including:
Breaded Chicken Cutlet • Meatloaf • Pizza • Rotisserie Chicken • Fried Chicken• Hoagies • Entree salads & so much more!

Weis 2 Go

Weis 2 Go selections including:
Chicken Sandwiches • Fish Sandwiches • Popcorn Chicken Cups • Deli Salads & Desserts • Pre-Sliced Meats & Cheeses