COVID Vaccine FAQs

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • You can only receive an immunization via an appointment. An appointment can be made by clicking on the appropriate state link on this page.

Do I qualify to get the vaccine?

  • In MD, NJ, NY, PA, and WV, patients 12 and over qualify to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Pfizer is currently the only vaccine authorized to be given to those 12 and up. Moderna and J&J vaccine is authorized to given to those 18 and up.

How do I schedule my second dose?

  • The pharmacy staff will schedule your second appointment when you are given your first dose. This will be 4 weeks from your first immunization for Moderna and 3 weeks for Pfizer.
  • The Janssen/J&J vaccine only requires one dose.

Do I need a third dose if I am immunocompromised?

  • Those patients immunocompromised are eligible for an additional dose 28 days or later after their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Do I need a third dose/booster?

  • Only those patients who received both doses of Pfizer vaccine are currently eligible for boosters. You are eligible for a booster:
    • If you received your second dose of at least Pfizer 6 months ago.

--AND if you satisfy one of the following--

  • If you are 65 and older
  • Are a long term care facility patients
  • Are ages 18-64 who either
    • Are at an increased risk of contracting COVID because of workplace or institutional settings (ie work in retail, grocery, or healthcare settings)
    • -Or-
  • Are at risk of severe COVID disease due to a medical conditions
    • Examples of these conditions include  but are not limited to smokers, overweight, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, airway diseases, kidney disease etc


  • The Moderna vaccine only requires two doses at this time unless you are immunocompromised.
  • The Janssen/J&J vaccine only requires one dose at this time.

Is there a way to confirm an appointment after making it?

  • The confirmation number is shown in the chatbot when you complete your appointment. There is also a reminder texted to you a day prior to your appointment if you add your mobile number in the chatbot when registering.

Which vaccine do we administer?

  • All pharmacies administer Pfizer vaccine.
  • Pharmacies in NJ, NY, PA, and select ones in MD administer Moderna vaccine.
  • Janssen/J&J vaccine is available in limited pharmacies only. Please review the store listing here to week a weekly update of which stores have Janssen/J&J vaccine. 

Can I receive another vaccine with the COVID vaccine?

  • Yes, you can receive any other vaccine with the COVID vaccine. In particular it is encouraged to receive a flu shot at the same time to best protect you.
  • When scheduling, you can select multiple vaccines at the same time.

What information do I need when scheduling an appointment?

  • You will need to provide the following: Name, Address, Date of Birth, Cell, Email, Rx Insurance, Plan Name, ID#, BIN, PCN and Relationship for insurance (cardholder/spouse etc.)