Thanksgiving Turkey Weis Holiday Rewards

Available at all Weis locations!


Earn Weis Reward Points 10/10 through 11/28

Redeem Weis Reward Points 11/7 through 11/28 for a free Turkey or a discount on holiday favorites!

Weis Reward Points can be used for Gas Rewards, Grocery Discounts or $5 off $25 Basket Discount anytime throughout the above dates

Choose from the following Holiday Reward Options.
Holiday Reward Options:

Redeem 400 Weis Rewards Points for the following:
FREE Weis Quality Frozen Turkey
FREE Tofurky Roast and Gravy – 40 oz
FREE Tofurky Ham Roast & Marinade – 19 oz

Redeem 100 Weis Rewards Points for the following:
$0.39 per lb. Weis Quality Frozen Turkey
$0.69 per lb. Butterball Frozen Turkey or Weis Quality Frozen Turkey Breast
$0.69 per lb. Weis Quality Smoked Ham Portions
$0.99 per lb. Weis Quality Antibiotic Free Fresh Turkey or Weis Quality Fresh Turkey
$0.99 per lb. Plainville Organic Frozen Turkey, Weis Quality Antibiotic Free Frozen Turkey, Empire or David Elliot Kosher Turkey
$1.29 per lb. Butterball Fresh Turkey
$1.29 per lb. John F Martin Boneless or Weis Quality Spiral Ham
$1.69 per lb. Weis Quality Fresh Turkey Breast or Weis Quality Antibiotic Free Fresh Turkey Breast

How do I earn Weis Reward Points?