Weis Sustainability

 Weis Markets is committed to our customers and communities. We are proud to support organizations working to improve the communities we serve and of our sustainability program results achieved to date.

Our sustainability strategy operates under four key pillars: natural resource conservation, green design, food and agricultural impact, and community impact. Outlined below are steps Weis Markets has taken to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and make a positive impact everywhere we operate.

Our 4 Pillars of Sustainability.

Conserving Resources

 Being good stewards of our environment entails using resources responsibly. Weis Markets measures its greenhouse gas emissions and material diversion & waste streams so that we can evaluate opportunities to conserve resources while providing value, quality, and the freshest products.


Green Design

Weis Markets leverages technology and best practices to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and vehicle fleet. These strategic decisions enable us to lower the Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions of our operations.


Food and Agriculture

We believe that the well-being of our communities depends on the health of our people. Weis Markets promotes healthier food choices via our fresh and local product offerings and through our Nutrition & Wellness Services and Health & Wellness Resources. We also provide support to help address food insecurity and fulfill the needs of our community members.


Community Impact

Weis Markets assists many non-profit organizations throughout our region working to benefit the communities we serve. We provide support to first responder and veteran organizations, healthcare initiatives, food banks and pantries, educational efforts, animal shelters, and environmental conservancies, among others. For more information on charitable programming, please see the Charitable Giving section of our website.


Weis Sustainability Report 2023

Our progress is made possible by associates at every level of our company. We are proud of our sustainability program results and look to build on our progress in the future.

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